What is Network ? How many types of Networking cables?


What is Network ? How many types of Networking cables ? If you want to know about this then read this important post.

What is network ?

Group of two or more host or computers connected to each other,where they can share their resources among them is called Network.Networking can be done by using two method,first one is wired networking and second is wireless networking but wired networking will be fast means data transmission speed will be good. 

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How many types of cables for Networking?

Basically there are three types of cables use for Networking Which are following:

 1. Twisted pair cable

2. Coaxial cable

3. Fiber optic cable 

Twisted pair cable

Twisted pair cables are very popular for the computer Networking.Twisted pair cables also two types which is as follow:

 1. STP (Shielded twisted pair)

 2. UTP (Unshielded twisted pair)

networking cable utp stp
networking cable utp stp

1. STP (Shielded twisted pair cable)

STP stands for shielded twisted pair cable this cable has eight wire for the connectin and data transmission.In this type of cable data transmission will be fast and its avoid EMI/RFI because the shielding of this cable is ver good.STP is use in LAN Network.The segment length of this cable is 100 meter and speed is 10 GB/S.

2. UTP (Unshielded twisted pair cable)

UTP stands for Unshielded twisted pair cable this cable has also eight wire.This cable is not better than STP because shielding is not good in UTP cable as compare to STP.This cable is very popular because lots of people use this cable.Segment length is 100 meter and speed will 1 GB/S.

Coaxial cable

Generally coaxial cable is use for connecting T.V but this cable also use for connecting computers between each other.Coaxial cable quality is become very good but it has a very slow speed.Admin will alyways face collision problem in a network if he use this cable. Coaxial cable has two types: 

1. RG 58 (Thinnet) 

2. RG 8 (Thicknet)

networking cable computer ke liye coaxial
networking cable computer ke liye coaxial

1. RG 58 (Thinnet)

RG 58 is a types of coaxial cable.RG 58 shielding is very good because it has a many layer for protecting inner wire there are very less chance of EMI/RFI.The segment length of RG 58 is 200 meter and the maximum speed is 10 mb/s only.

2. RG 8 (Thicknet)

RG 8 is also a coaxial cable type and we can compare this cable to RG 58 because all features are same rest of one thing that is segment length.RG 8 segment length is 500 meter.Speed of this cable 10 mb/s only.

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Fiber optic cable

Now a days Fiber optic cable is very popular for their speed and no cross talk.Fiber optic cable has two wire for data transmission,one cable is use for data recieving and second wire is use for data sending.Basically there are two types of fiber optic cable which is as follow:
1. SMF (Single mode fiber optic cable) 

2. MMF (Multi mode fiber optic cable)

fiberoptic cable for networking
fiberoptic cable for networking

1. SMF (Single mode fiber optic cable)

SMF (single mode fiber optic cable) is work on half duplex so this cable generally not use in networking.If we send any data to another host then we have to wait untill data is transffering.I think this is the demerit of this cable.Segment length of this cable is 100 kilometer and speed 10 GB/S.

2. MMF (Multi mode fiber optic cable)

MMF is work on full duplex so we are for transfer data to any host and any time.MMF is the best cable for the networking because it’s work on full dulex and it based on light technology so data transfer will be very fast.Segment length will be 5 kilometer and speed is 10 GB/S.

I hope you all understand the Types of cable and where we have to use above cables.If like this post please share with your friends.


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